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Waste Management Inc. Headquarters

Waste Management Inc. Headquarters

The leading provider of innovative and comprehensive environmental solutions in North America is Waste Management. Waste Management serves more than 21 million customers across the United States and Canada and has the biggest network of transfer stations, as well as recycling facilities, and landfills in the entire industry. In addition to meeting the needs of customer segments, Waste Management ensures that every type of site, such as municipalities, construction sites, healthcare facilities, and commercial buildings are completely satisfied. 

Waste Management not only ensures that everyone’s needs are properly met, but they ensure that the environment is taken into consideration. The company has a yearly goal of recycling more than 20 million tons of material, each year leading up to 2020. Last year, Waste Management came extremely close to their goal, as they managed to acquire more than 15 million tons of recyclable material. 

Recycling every material possible isn’t the only way that Waste Management actively works to help the environment. The other notable way the company positively effects the environment is by being a leading renewable energy provider. In order to acquire this renewable energy, Waste Management generates electricity by recovering naturally occurring gas that is found inside landfills. At the end of 2014 Waste Management operated this energy, called landfill-gas-to-energy, within over 134 landfill projects, which powered almost 500,000 homes. 

In order to communicate with many influential people in the company, visit the Waste Management Inc. Headquarters that is located in Houston, Texas. This building is conveniently located only 12.2 miles from premier hotels in Houston, Texas.