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Almeda Mall

Almeda Mall

Almeda Mall is a piece of Huston's history, inaugurated in 1966 and it was developed by the Rouse Co. of Maryland, the same company responsible for the construction of the Northwest Mall.

Almeda has, for all intents and purposes, the same stores as its northwest-side partner, but one thing that makes Almeda Mall stand out is the Macy's store (previously known as Foley's), who had been at the Almeda site for a few years before the shopping center was open.

During the 70's Almeda Mall was overflowing with customers, and downright the best shopping option for many suburban communities, but in 1984 it was ravaged by a couple of tornadoes hitting the area, and it took over one million dollars in damages. By that time the Almeda Mall was already in decline, due to new shopping malls being opened and the community changing.

But there is a brighter side to this story, as visitors today still have a few good things to say about the Almeda Mall, and it still receives good reviews. Some shoppers will say that they prefer going to Almeda Mall because it is less crowded when it comes to shopping and parking, recommend shopping stores like Shoes Stores, Macy's, Uniform Store, Bath & Body Works and Burlington Coat Factory. Some even talk about the food Almeda Mall offers, as "the best Philly cheese steak in Huston".

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