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Houston Symphony

Houston Symphony

The Houston Symphony was founded in 1913 becoming this way in one of the oldest performing arts organization in the whole country playing also an important role in the cultural life of our city for over a 100 year now creating a distinguish music legacy and heritage.

Until now the Houston Symphony Mission, Vision and values have remained the same, serving as an inspiration and engaging the community and a diverse large audience coming from outside Texas borders through exceptional performances, running educational programs and collaborating and participating with the people in diverse activities fomenting the growing bond between citizens.

Do not think too much and come to join one night in the Houston Symphony while you become part of one of the oldest traditions in town and part of Houston’s cultural history so check the shows available today and buy your tickets in advance.

If you get there by car there is garage parking starting at $7 per car. Kids from years old and older are welcome to all performances and events held at the Symphony. Children of all ages, also infants, are welcome to the family concerts and any child over six years old must have a paid ticket.

It is essential to be on time since the Symphony will start at the time informed, but late seating is permitted at determined moments. Music fan? Culture explorer? Love relaxing? Any the reason you have to visit this amazing place, and guess what? Only 13.3 miles away from your South Houston Hotel.